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Dołączył: 31 Lip 2005
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Exciting news regarding the future of ragnarok online was released at Gravity Festival 2007, and the following is a rough (poor) translation of the event as reported by

Gravity Festival 2007 is currently ongoing, and the devlepers Mr. Park Yang Woo and Mr. Hong Sang Kil talked about the future of ragnarok online.

Thier discussion brought the topic of current updates that we can expect this year. The items described were as follows:

-Episode 12.X
-Dokidoki! Memorial Dungeon!
-Newly Designed PVP System
-Siege Ver 1.5
-Ragnarok Renewal
-User Interface Renewal

The first thing planned is the introduction of the new RO episode 12, dubbed the “Ressurection of Satan Morroc”. In an update to the Rune Midcard region, the city of morroc will become a doorway to another world. The new stories will take place in this world, with the current war of power. Futher details about this will be revealed later.

In addition to this, the unethical works of Schwarzwald continues, and new secrets are found in the Lighthalzen Somatolagy Laboratory.

The new Memorial Dungeons are instanced dungeons designed for party play around specific missions or scenarios. For example, one scenario titled “Ancient Seal: Baphomet Advents” pits the players in a battle to defend and fortify a series of seals to keep baphomet from being released. A separate scenario titled the Infinity Tower is also planned.

Also planned is the new bind item system, which would lock what player an item is usable on. Its hoped that we can have almost 200 of these items in the game planned for the end of October, and will become rewards for the memorial dungeon missions, the new pvp and Siege 1.5.

A new Battle Field PVP system is planned. In these battle field modes you compete for score or resources which can be redeemable for rewards. Two battlefield maps are planned for implimentation in Korea by November.

A new siege mode is planned for the schwarzwald and arunafeltz area, refered to as Siege 1.5. These sieges are different from existing sieges as they contain objectives such as strategic points and castle gates, though the final objective is still to destroy the Emperium. There are no warp portals this time in Siege 1.5, the entire fort takes place in one single map. Defending guilds are expected to use the guild flags to get back into the forts to get to strategic points quickly.

10 forts in total are planned for this new siege system, 5 in Schwarzwald and 5 in Arunafeltz. Siege 1.5 does not replace the existing siege system, with sieges occuring at different times. The actual dates for siege 1.5 vary from week to week. Schwarzwald Siege 1.5 is planned for September 2007, and Arunafeltz Siege 1.5 is planned for December 2007.

Ragnarok online will continue a renewal of its in game system. Updates are continually planned, and we have big plans for improving game stability as the game world continues to grow. The addition of third classes are planned as well as new difficult maps and content for them. Word has it that 3rd classes will take characters from lvl 99 to lvl 150 (A previous report stated that stats would be applied differently above 99).

Interface renewal is also planned, along with updated chat system and quest window system.

Episode 13 planned for next year will continue to impliment new content, taking place mostly in this new world. Two or more strong factions appear in this new world, and the player will need to ally with one sooner or later. A new vast battlefield map different from normal siege mode is being developed, to take advantage of this, with a new reward system for participation.

To expand on an earlier mentioned point, Episode 13 will bring new third occupations to ragnarok online. What are noteworthy 3rd classes? The 3rd occupation for hunter will be ‘Ranger’, and 3rd occupation for Blacksmith will be ‘Mechanic’. Several sketches were accompanied with these new classes that you can see (below). The 3rd job occupations are changed to from 2nd class. A character that elects to become 3rd occupation cannot transcend, and transcend characters cannot become 3rd occupation. However, there will still be advantages to chosing to transcend instead of becomming 3rd occupation, although that is not described in the slides. 3-1 and 3-2 classes are planned for release late in the first half of 2008.

We hope that RO will be interesting with the new expansion of the game world as well as addition and changes to the PVP system.

Jak dla mnie bomba Cool

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wychwyć najlepsze zakąski i nam je tu przedstaw, bo dla 3 czy 4 zdań nie hcce mi sie jechać całego textu Mad

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